GLUTEN FREE pie, no butter and no cooking

For the paste: form: 28cm diameter covered with plastic film to prevent the paste from sticking to the mold.

165 gr almond powder,
100 gr chocolate  (70%),
3 soup spoons water
5 soup spoon sugar

  • melt chocolate “aux bain Marie”
  • Mix sugar almond powder and chocolate
  • spread in mold and put in fridge to harden.

Chocolate Mousse

200 gr chocolate,
20 gr sugar,
5 eggs
a little water to melt the chocolate “au bain Marie”
Orange zest 

  • separate whites and yolks
  • mix  yolks and chocolate
  • raise 5 eggs whites and ad orange zest
  • Delicately mix the melted chocolate and egg whites
  • put in the form and in fridge ( alternatively you can put in the freezer)
  • Bon apetit.

Sydney and Karin, B&B La Parare