Lemon soufflé  (recipe from Michelin star Chef Christian Plumail)

Ingrediences  for 4 persons

1./ 4 organic lemons preferably from Nice, Menton area, known for the quality of its lemons 

2./ (80 gr lemon juice)

3./ 160 gr. sugar

4./ 4 eggs

5./ 6 gr salt

6./ Ice sugar

7./ Butter and cast sugar to coat the forms

Recipe: preheat oven at 180 degrees C.

1./ Put individual forms at least 1 hour in the fridge, than butter and sugar them carefully. This is delicate as it will definitely help your souffle to come up straight and even.

2./ zest the lemons than make juice

3./ separate egg yolks from egg white

4./ mix egg yolks with sugar up to white and ad lemon zest.

5./ right prior putting in the oven beat the egg whites- ones, ad a pinch of salt to make them harder. Ones hard ad carefully the lemon juice  

6./ Mix slowly and delicately the egg yolks with the whites in smooth circular movements. And put in the forms. Swipe off till flat.

7./ sprinkle with ice sugar and flame until nice light brown.

 8./ put in oven for 7 to 8 minutes. (Very important to know the heat of your oven and never open the oven prior ready).

You can serve as is or do like me at B&B La Parare serve together with a nice lemon sorbet and the home made limoncello from Karin. (See picture).


Enjoy and bon appétit

Sydney and Karin  B&B La Parare