We like to have a lot of different things for breakfast, and one of the favourite cakes is the Lemon squares


100gr sugar powder

170 flower

120 gr butter

1 spoon of milk


Preheat oven at 170 C.

All ingredients in bowl, mix to obtain a smooth paste

Cover a plate (20cm X 30 cm) going into oven with baking paper- flatten and cover base of plate evenly. 25 min until light brown and let cool down.



1+ ½ soup spoon Maizena

160 ml plain liquid cream

6 eggs

275 sugar powder

1 +1/2 table spoon lemon zeste ( +/- 2 lemons)

180ml lemon juice

Preparation :

In a bowl put Maizena and 2 spoons of cream- mix until smooth. Ad remaining cream, eggs, sugar, zeste and juice.


Put the mix in pan with thick bottom. Steer until slightly thickens (10 min).

Poor over crust, back in oven for 5 min till firm.

When cold slice in squares.


Bon appétit !